Monday, December 1, 2008

the mirrorclock papers

* * *

The tale unfolds across time and location like a complex tapestry, weaving together everything from publishing to art to espionage, megayachts and Italian villas, Victorian stereoscopes and Virtual Reality, lucid dreams to Japanese fairy tales.

Reverie Larke’s life as an academic-turned-travel writer hasn’t always been a breeze, but suddenly it’s a dream come true as she adjusts to an enormous windfall inheritance from the famously eccentric Reginald Larke-Waltham, a stunning family connection unknown to her until his lawyers came to call.

Her sharp mind and glamorous image—coupled with a decidedly introverted nature—makes her the subject of much unwanted fuss in the hands of a persistently creative media.

This charmed (yet all-too-public) life turns a fateful corner into intrigue when she encounters a striking and enigmatic cinematographer at an exclusive Manhattan party. Enter the brilliant, unfathomable Richard Katana, a man with a complex and mysterious past—and a highly dangerous present.

With the emergence of a threatening online film they can’t ignore, these two near-strangers must pursue the truth around the world, to a dark and hidden place where a nameless and powerful enemy awaits… a place where dreams, destiny, and the complex workings of the human mind converge.

* * *